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Womens Self Defense For Personal Protection


Women are the common victims of crime especially after a disaster. It is sad but it must be assumed that if you are a woman you will be a target should you allow yourself to be seen as one. Always carry protection be it mace or other less friendly weapons. After a disaster it is highly unlikely that there will be sufficient police and military to ensure your safety. It will be up to you to know your surroundings and have a plan should danger present itself.

However, most women don’t realize what they should bring to use as their protection. Having a form of self-defense weapons will at least give the option to protect yourself. It is not a bad idea to carry a signal protection such as an air horn or siren that can alert others of your danger. It must be noted that signaling can be dangerous should you be in an area where you are not known. Hopefully, you will remember before venturing out to always travel with someone you know as single individuals pose much less of a threat to criminals as a group.


I recommend using mace pepper spray as this product is very easy to use, and the effects will not last longer than twenty-five minutes, more than enough time for you to get away. Knowing where to buy mace is just simple, you can buy it online or in stores local to you just check out the local hunting stores.