I have been reading a lot lately on these survival complexes or communities. Its interesting but seemingly a bit out of most individuals range. I am all about saving whoever you can in a disaster not just the guy who can afford the million dollar price tag for deluxe accommodations.

Recently, I was watching a show on television where these guys were converting an old silo into premium survival apartments. The price tag for a 700 sq.ft. apartment was 1.7 million dollars. Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but holy cow that is a lot of money. Of course that included an indoor pool and full staff. (I wonder where did I stuck that lottery ticket!)

The interesting thing I did note about the program was the amount of supplies that many of these groups are directing to their  projects. They are  buying up as many supplies as the market can spare. This seems to bode ill for those of us who are looking to put back our own survival equipment and supplies.

I wanted to try and get your take on these communities and how they will affect the availability of supplies to families and smaller groups making their own preparations.